About Me


Hi, I’m Jenn, and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. A bit about me: I’m a 40-something administrative assistant, currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. I love my dogs, my husband, and the CFL Edmonton Eskimos (not necessarily in that order). Few things gratify me more than getting an opportunity to disrupt people’s preconceptions about the world; after all, as my husband once said, “Just because it’s normal doesn’t make it right.”

I’m blogging because I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), so I have a tendency to over-think many (well, most) things, and I find writing about them helps me to gain a bit of perspective (plus I find writing enjoyable in itself). Then I figured, if I’m writing this stuff down anyway, maybe I should post it somewhere. It might just strike a chord with someone else, and maybe even contribute to reducing the stigma surrounding mental disorders.

Mind you, as an anxious perfectionist, you can be sure that right after I post anything on this blog, I’ll think of 10 different things that I’d like to change about it!

Please bear in mind that the things I write about mental health are only based on my personal experience. I am in no way a mental health expert.

If you need help regarding a mental health issue, please talk to your health care provider, or call your local mental health crisis line (just google “mental health helpline” + your province or country). There is help and there is hope.